From June 1991 until June 2016, Kevin Kindle offered computer services, web design and hosting and in the latter years operated a full-time IT/Managed Services Provider (MSP) business in the greater Calgary area called Computer Hero. Despite being a one person operation the business was quite successful. I was even a regular on Breakfast Television for 4 years!

My specialty was remote support and managed services allowing me to automate many of the maintenance functions required to keep a computer running smoothly while also allowing me to provide timely support for a large number of customers because little travel was required and most work could be done outside of business hours. I took care of computers for residential customers and companies all over Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan!

But thanks to low oil prices and a generally poor economy combined with incompetent governments at both the provincial and federal levels (NDP and Liberal respectively), and then further compounded with medical issues surrounding the birth of my youngest daughter (don’t worry, everyone’s AOK now!) I decided to change careers to provide a bit more stable income and better health benefits.

Needless to say… there was no use in wasting years of computer experience, plus many of my residential customers were also friends and they still wanted me to take care of their computers, so I decided to keep the managed services portion of the business going. For years customers have been benefiting from near zero downtime so why not offer it for a fraction of the price other IT companies would charge and keep it as a hobby?

As it turns out many of my previous IT customers have chosen to continue using the service even with the knowledge that they will need to call another IT company if they require any support during business hours.