Effective June 16, 2016

Computer Hero as a company is no longer in operation!

Computer Hero was in operation for many years, but due to the poor economy compounded by the birth of my youngest daughter and some medical issues (not with myself)… I have decided to switch careers and am now an HVAC/R apprentice, so I’m not available for any computer service… my evenings and weekends are family time!

Since it would be a shame to waste years of knowledge and scripting and since it was mostly automated… the HeroWatch Remote Maintenance and Monitoring service will continue to operate, for the foreseeable future, providing automated maintenance, security, backup, web filtering, risk analysis and more. It will just be continued as an after-hours and weekend hobby for Kevin, this service has now been renamed to Computer Hero, and since it is just a hobby there is no phone support.

Hosting Hero will continue so any websites and domain names are not in jeopardy and this will continue indefinitely. The 24 hour support number for any hosting issues is 1-480-624-2500.

Kevin Kindle