A Computer Hero is only a click away!

HeroConnect is a remote support system where as long as your computer can access the Internet, a Computer Hero can remotely support your computer without having to dispatch a technician to go on-site! There’s still a chance that an on-site call may be required, but by doing some remote diagnostics beforehand can make the on-site technician’s job more efficient!

NOTE: Some browsers won’t load the embedded support system, if you don’t see the HeroConnect logo below… click here to go directly to the HeroConnect site!

Since you have to initiate the connection there’s no worry that someone else is going to access your computer without your knowledge or permission!

SAVE the PLANET and some TIME and MONEY too!

HeroConnect is far more efficient than dispatching technicians to go on-site as there’s no travel time, traffic or vehicle expenses to deal with… which means it’s greener for the environment PLUS there’s no on-site minimums or travel charges!

Safe & Secure

All support sessions are encrypted for security and privacy!

Desktop Client

If you’re running Windows, an alternative to waiting for a Computer Hero to setup a remote support session is for you to create your own support session!

  1. Click on Extras at the top-right of the app
  2. Click on Download the Desktop Client

We recommend saving the downloaded HeroConnect.exe file on your computer’s desktop for easy access!

NOTE: You will still need to contact a Computer Hero though as we won’t know the session exists unless you tell us!